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METROPOLE résidence à Monaco

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LE METROPOLE. Monaco is more and more reminding «Metropolis» - Frinz Lang futuristic fantasy of 1927. The paysage of Monaco is quite contemporary with it's conglomeration of residences belonging to different styles and epoques. An incarnation of the centuries-old fantasy of the small rocky city of the future. Le Metropole reminds of and OLD MONACO, prior to "Metropolis" times.
Another facet - when we talk of Monaco, it is definitely a metropolitan city, spreading it's news and trends to the colonies.
LE METROPOLE is also well known for everybody in Monaco as a name of a shopping centre - the GALLERY of METROPOLE - homeland for what can be bought for money. It is now basically the domain of boutiques, shops, offices for sale and lease.

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1 Début 2 Terminé

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