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Monaco apartments for sale

Monaco apartments for sale are considered perfect investment, much more reliable than any currency. It is wrong to estimate value of Monaco flats via their rental potential. Maximum rental income per annum is 2-3%, 4% at best. Very modest in comparison to supermarkets in Germany or buy-to-let options and student residences offered by the United Kingdom. This is rentability of an average lease-back property in France.
However, potential is much higher. Re-sale opportunities are the main trump card of Monaco property for sale. Every year prices seem to have reached the ceiling but still continue to rise 5-8%. Unlike gold, this realty is highly demanded and politics of Monaco continues to maintain high levels of demand. Zero percent personal income tax is considered as a major drive for Monegasque economy. Zero percent profit tax for local companies is a second advantage. 0% percent annual property taxation is the third stimulus. These incentives will be popular for ages and help to keep the upward trend of Monaco real estate.

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