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Penthouses for sale Carré d'Or

Penthouse in Carre d'Or, Monaco

Carre d’Or can be found in many cities of France (Nice, Paris) but only Monaco makes any properties here golden like King Midas. By famous legend he died of hunger being surrounded by gold. These apartments for sale in the centre of Monaco are not just properties, much more than real estate. These are concrete brilliants. Carre d’Or penthouses total value equals gross domestic product of some minor countries. Princess Grace, Park Palace may offer their lux flats in Carre d’Or for 40, 50, 60 mio and even more. Recently triplex for sale in Prince de Galles was offered at 90 million. What can be found in other places for this money? Spanish first line lux villa will require 5-8 mio euro, secluded paradise on Croatian island will be two times cheaper leaving Monaco principality flats far behind. But it is input into your resident status, utmost security, high reputation and 0% worldwide incomes' taxation turning expenses onto savings. To buy penthouse in Carre d’Or means strong investment basement not jeopardized by political upheavals, revolts, uncertainty  and crisis.


Three-bedroom penthouse in Mirabel with possibility to attach an studio-photo-1
Price: 1 € District: Carre d'Or Total area, m²: 418 Living area, m²: 200

Wonderful penthouse in the very centre of Carre d'Or with swimming pool on a roof terrace!
Fascinating sea views! Very demanded area of Monaco!

Total area of 418 m2 with 200 m2 living space and 218 m2 of terraces.

Penthouse of 2 bedrooms in the heart of Carre d'Or-photo-1
Price: 13.000.000 € District: Carre d'Or Total area, m²: 210

Golden Square! Golden location!

Gorgeous penthouse for renovation on 6-7th levels of Villa Europa building in the heart of Carre d'Or!
Beautiful sea view, view of the Casino!

Total surface is 210 m2. Parking is within the price.

Fantastic pent-house for renovation in the very centre of Monaco-photo-1
Price: 18.000.000 € District: Carre d'Or Total area, m²: 250

Rare pent-house for renovation in the very centre of Carre d'Or!
Spectacular sea view and view over Casino!
Modern residence!

Total floorspace is 250 m2.
Apartment benefits two parking places.

More info - upon request

Luxury real estate in Monaco - penthouse for renovation (potentially 6-8 bedroom duplex)-photo-1
Price: 23.000.000 € District: Carre d'Or Total area, m²: 274 Living area, m²: 194

Duplex pent-houses in the very centre of Monaco in one of the most prestigious residences!
Apartment of 273,8 m2 spreads over 2 floors and offers marvellous sea view!

Glamorous apartment in Prince de Galles residence-photo-1
Price: 28.000.000 € District: Carre d'Or Total area, m²: 520 Living area, m²: 255

Fantastic 3-bedroom pent-house in the very centre of Carre d'Or near Metropole centre, unique offer with private garden and swimming pool !
Excellent views over Casino and sea!
One of the best luxurious residences of Monaco!

Monaco most expensive apartment, unique 3-level penthouse in Prince de Galles-photo-1
Price: 90.000.000 € District: Carre d'Or Total area, m²: 950 Living area, m²: 531

ROYAL-STYLE three-level penthouse in the very heart of Golden Square in most prestigious residence in Monaco. 
This luxury triplex is more than apartment. It is the best of the best of Monaco.


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