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Rental property in Monaco

If you are searching profitable commercial spaces, leased supermarkets, long-term 20-25 years agreements with international retail groups, banks, post service, telephone stations, logistics centers and stable 8-10% rentier income — you hardly find them in Monaco. We will gladly present such properties offered by the market in Germany. In 99% cases rental property in Monaco belong to the category of apartments: most popular are small studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom flats due to modest rental monthly fees. Normally lease payment does not include charges (maintenance fee, water, electricity, phone, Internet, other utilities). The cheapest 23-30 sq.m studio can be rented for 1500-2500 € per month+charges (average tag 40-50% up). The best rental fee for 1-bedroom 40-60 square meters unit might be 2500-3500 € monthly excluding charges. Most modest 2-bedroom flat monthly fee for 60-70 m2 is 3500-4500 €.  Mixed-usage flats with potential for Monaco company legal address registration have the highest potential to be rented fast and for overcharged price. Offices-for-rent proved to be difficult to find, so mixed usage apartments are solution here. Monaco rental real estate bring the owner average annual yield of 2-2,5%, max 3%, quite moderate, compatible to bank deposit. However, this is compensated by 8-10% growth in Monaco property price itself. Many investors dream of commercial space, cherish idea of buying restaurant, boutique or similar stable business. We should warn: in Monaco like in neighboring France WALLS is something different from BUSINESS and these are sold separately. On top of that long-term rental agreement can be also sold and re-sold. When you see low selling price that is most likely business for sale, higher price may mean long-term rental arrangement. Do not expect to buy ground-floor premises on a busy popular street for less than 3-4 million. Price for flat rental in Monaco can be two-three times higher but never lower. Initial high selling prices lead to low annual yields. Pay-back term is quite extended yet compensated by great liquidity plus mark-up re-sale.

Hot sale of 2-bedroom apartment in Condamine-photo-1
Price: 1.200.000 € District: Condamine Total area, m²: 67

Unique offer!

Attic for renovation in traditional building of Condamine (no elevator).
Total surface is 67 sq.m. 
Apartment offers two bedrooms, bathroom, living room, bathroom.
Needs complete refurbishment.

It is currently rented for 7992 eur per year.

Two studios in Palais de la Scala for unification-photo-1
Price: 1.700.000 € District: Carre d'Or Total area, m²: 32

Investment offer!

Two studios (actullay of 18 m2 and 14 m2, noew rented) to be united into 1-bedroom apartment of 32 m2 in Palais de la Scala.

Third floor.
Mixed usage.

Nice two-bedroom rented apartment in Villa de l'Ouest of Monaco-photo-1
Price: 2.300.000 € District: Moneghetti Total area, m²: 80 Living area, m²: 80

Very-well priced apartment in Villa de l'Ouest - great rental property for Monaco!*
Total floorspace is 80 m2. 
Second floor of nice bourgeois villa.
Two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, hall and living room.
Normal condition.

Storage is a bonus.

Apartment of 1 bedroom in Condamine-photo-1
Price: 2.350.000 € District: Condamine Total area, m²: 60 Living area, m²: 52

Lovely recently renovated one-bedroom apartment in Cprmoran residence second row from the sea.

Total surface is 60 m2 with netto living area of 52 m2 and terrace of 8 m2.

Apartment offers one bedroom, bathroom, wc, kitchen, salon, terrace.

Mixed usage.

Apartment with wonderful sea view in Tour Larvotto, 1 bedroom-photo-1
Price: 2.700.000 € District: La Rousse-Saint Roman Total area, m²: 73 Living area, m²: 63

Charming apartment with fantastic sea view, just a few steps away from Larvotto beaches!
Super location in Monaco!
Guaranteed view from the 5th floor!

Total surface is 73 m2 with 63 m2 netto living area and 10 m2 circular balcony overlooking the sea.

Renovayed 1-bedroom apartment in Monte-Carlo for sale-photo-1
Price: 2.995.000 € District: Monte-Carlo Total area, m²: 72 Living area, m²: 63

Beautifully renovated apartment in Villa Milton residence in Monte-Carlo!
Total surface is 72 m2, netto living area is 63 m2, balcony is 9 m2 overlooking the greenery.

High ceilings, much volume and air.

Two-bedroom renovated flat in Le Continental-photo-1
Price: 3.450.000 € District: Monte-Carlo Total area, m²: 80 Living area, m²: 70

Renovated two-bedroom apartment in Le Continental residence in Monte-Carlo!
Wonderul sea view! Modern fresh refurbishment.
Total surface is 80 m2, netto living area is 70 m2, terrace is 10 m2.

Quite exceptional low-priced apartment in Annonciade, 2 bedrooms-photo-1
Price: 3.950.000 € District: La Rousse-Saint Roman Total area, m²: 75

Apartment in Annonciade residence on the top floor with sea view!
Total surface is 75 m2.
Two bedrooms, bathroom, hall, guest wc, salon with kitchen zone, terrace.

Two-bedroom unit in Palais du Printemps-photo-1
Price: 4.150.000 € District: Moneghetti Total area, m²: 98 Living area, m²: 90

Ideal property for renting in Monaco - light, bright, with sea view and view over Prince Palace!
Apartment is currently rented for 7000 eur per month+ expenses and won't be released until 2021 bringing monthly income to the owner (84 000 eur per year). Rentability is 2,02%.

Two-bedroom duplex close to Larvotto beaches with private garden - town-house in Monaco-photo-1
Price: 4.400.000 € District: La Rousse-Saint Roman Total area, m²: 168 Living area, m²: 105

Price decrease from 4,9 mln euro to 4,4 mln euro! *


Apartment with private garden in Radieuse residence - a wonderful alternative to town-house!
Feeling of privacy within the big city!

Renovated 2-bedroom unit in Saint Andre-photo-1
Price: 4.450.000 € District: Monte-Carlo Total area, m²: 89 Living area, m²: 76

Lovely renovated 2-bedroom apartment of very central location of Monaco - in Saint Andre residence of Monte-Carlo!

Total surface is 89 m2, netto living space is 76 m2 and two terraces are of 13 m2.

Apartment in the Port with 2 bedrooms-photo-1
Price: 4.770.000 € District: Condamine Total area, m²: 95

Lovely renovated apartment of usage mixte status next to Port of Monaco with side sea view in Petrel residence!

Apartment in Villa Bosio with 2 bedrooms for sale-photo-1
Price: 4.800.000 € District: Jardin Exotique Total area, m²: 140 Living area, m²: 120

Apartment in Villa Bosio with investment potential.
Very low price per sqm!

Reasonably price 2-bedroom unit in Parc Saint Roman-photo-1
Price: 5.490.000 € District: La Rousse-Saint Roman Total area, m²: 130 Living area, m²: 110

Reasonably price 2-bedroom apartment on the 22th floor of Parc Saint Roman with breathtaking sea views!
Total surface is 130 m2, netto living area is 110 m2, terrace is 20 m2.
Apartment offers two bedrooms, two bathrooms, entry hall, guest wc, salon with kitchen, terrace.

Renovated apartment in Parc Saint Roman with 2 bedrooms-photo-1
Price: 5.500.000 € District: La Rousse-Saint Roman Total area, m²: 96 Living area, m²: 85

Renovation just completed!

Loft for renovation, potentially can be transformed into 3 bedrooms apartment-photo-1
Price: 5.850.000 € District: Jardin Exotique Total area, m²: 189 Living area, m²: 189

Great object for renovation in Mercure residence!
Slight partial sea view!
Total surface is 189 m2. Mixed usage. Currently used as an office space.

Rented till 2022 when it can be transformed into 3-bedroom residential unit.
Rental fee is 6.300€ + charges.

Unexpectedly cheap apartment in Les Acanthes -photo-1
Price: 6.000.000 € District: Carre d'Or Total area, m²: 125 Living area, m²: 86

Apartment with partial sea view in Les Acanthes residence next to Casino and Le Mirabeau!
Total surface is 125 m2, netto living area is 86 m2, terrace is 39 m2. 5th floor.
Surface is divided between two bedrooms, two bathrooms, entry hall, guest wc, salon, kitchen and terrace....

Two-bedroom apartment with sea view right opposite Grimaldi Forum-photo-1
Price: 6.200.000 € District: Carre d'Or Total area, m²: 116 Living area, m²: 91

Sea view apartment right opposite Grimaldi Forum in Hersilia residence!
High 8th floor, perfect panorama!
Total surface of apartment is about 116 m2 split between double salon with kitchen area, two bedrooms, bathroom, shower room, lavatory, hall and two terraces.

Two-bedroom penthouse in Casabianca residence with wonderful sea view!-photo-1
Price: 6.500.000 € District: La Rousse-Saint Roman Total area, m²: 130

Wondeful pent-house in Monaco with sea view for sale!
2-bedroom unit in Casabianca residence by Larvotto beaches!
Total surface is 130 m2 with two bedrooms, bathroom, salon, terraces.
Cellar and storage are within the price.

Impressive investment apartment in Monte-Carlo-photo-1
Price: 6.750.000 € District: Monte-Carlo Total area, m²: 160 Living area, m²: 150

Apartment in Monte-Carlo in a traditional bourgeois residence of high standing with elevator!
Total surface is 160 m2, netto living area is 150 m2, balcony is 10 m2.